Thursday, 14 April 2011

Super Moment...

this is the stage before the show start.hehe

Annyeong!!!! back again after a year!!! guess what?it's super show 3 live in malaysia....hehehe...i'm going again!!!hahaha..wanna share my precious moment..
It's worth my every ringgit tix after queuing for about 4 hours...i get L2 row L which is 5th row from the stage..but vip seat are in front of our block..but it's ok la coz i can see the stage really close wei!!hahaha..
Ok let's start..i arrive at the stadium at 12 noon..get to park my car close to stadium so no need to walk for a long time..hehehe...n guest what the stadium are already crowded with ELFs.. after found my frens we start walking around the stadium to pick up everything that i've order before..
It's raining again this year n even hard..but me n my frens got to wait in front of the door for terrace L1,L2,L3 entrance..hehe..this year i'm more happy coz got to meet more ELFs frens esp. from SUJU STAGE,WIVES ELFs DORM..hahaha..Fee,Ainim,Pia,Farhah,Nelly,Eka,Munie,Tyah,Fasihah,Suniey,Yuhee unnie,Shon,Azila n others..After waiting for hours i got to enter the stadium with the help from security who are really nice n they didn't check my bag.just said 'buka je zip bag.xde kamera kn?ok msuk je. '..then just let me in.hahaha..thank you pak guard..well pak guard u didn't know that i even bring my handycam..hahahaha.not just camera..
the grand opening before. ♥♥

The concert start with with a vcr like previous concert which is superb n makes me screaming like crazy even suju didn't come out yet..but to see their face in the vcr is just enough to makes all of us going crazy.hehe..And after that the first member to come out first is Donghae!!!!!..he's flying!!hahaha..his body super hot wei!! and after that just like last year one by one kept pop out from all around the stage.the stadium become super noisy..and one of them is me.hahahah...giler ar if u dont scream at all.their body super hot this time compared to last year..hahaha..pervert tol..
Start with Sorry Sorry concert version which is really nice to hear..i love the dance.i'm sory coz i don't remember the sequence of the songs..i'll just tell what i want.hahaha...mian..I just remember they perform Don't don,Super Girl,No other,Rokkugo with their white attire..hehe..The song that i'm waiting for Super Girl!!!coz it has Zhoumi n's my dream from SS2 to see them perform with all Suju just like a dream come true!!the new version of Super Girl is really awesome wei!!eunhyuk's rap in the song just makes me say 'whooooaaaaaaa!!!!!!'hahahaha....

No Other..dlm ati ade taman wei!!love that balloon

Now it's Don't don with guest Zhoumi ,Henry n Jungmo(Trax)..another song they perform together with SJ-M member..i have to say that i love to see that..Suju Famili is on the stage..Heechul play the drums,Henry play the the violin,Jungmo the gitarist n Zhoumi done the rap..huhuhu..n they are really talented..and Eunhyuk,Donghae,Leeteuk n Sungmin flying  n have bunga api..huhuhu..they look like human rocket..hahaha..Now playing is No Other!!!!yeay!!!!!They terbang2 again!!!this time only Leeteuk n Sungmin!!!chagiya!!with all the balloons..i love romantic..heheh..i want that balloon!!!!!!give me one la..adoi..after that is rokkugo..n they already start playing.hahaha..donghae became the victim.he's been bullied by leeteuk,heechul n other SJ-T members.hahaha..pdn muka..><..when rokkugo leeteuk,eunhyuk n sungmin laying down on the stage n suddenly shindong come n jump on them.hahaha..heechul whose just look at them at first then become really evil when he join shindong n make my sungmin suffered bcoz he's in the middle..hahahaha..i can see his face n he can't sing..hahahaha...

this is after introducing the members.,

And now it's introducing the members..i'm really proud coz almost all of them introduce themself in english..such a good effort.excep for shindong whose introduce himself in chinese..hehe..they have special character shown in the vcr which i don't really remember what the names of each character..hehe..sorry2..anyone can tell me?then they continue to sing..i dont remember la what song coz i just focusing on look at their handsome n beauty faces..but all i can say they sang confession,dancing out, and other song.. sexy yo..hehehe

It's solo part now..hehe..starting with Ryeowook singing One fine spring day chinese version along with Sungmin's playing the guitar..waaa..i was drawning with the melody from sungmin's guitar,his skill is his super duper cute face..awesome wei!!!hahaha..after that Siwon with Looking for the Day ,Eunhae with I Wanna Love You,Leeteuk with Kiss Goodbye,Henry with Baby,Sungmin solo dance,Eunhyuk with Down..I just like want to hit sungmin's hands coz he's so naughty n touch the girls chest..huhu..Siwon ask us to pray for Japan after finish his song..will pray with u but in our own way..hehe..During Eunhae's I Wanna Love You i really go crazy when i watch them dancing with the girl.someone said her name is Amber..hhuhu..idc la..but thank you so much Eunhae coz none of you tear or unbutton your sopan..i love that..but already sexy for me coz a man in black mmg handsome their fair skin..makes them more shine in that..Henry's skill on playing the piano is so good..his smile makes me n my frens going crazy..cutenye dia..hehehe...die..die..i don't like justin bieber but lucky enough i remember the chorus part of can sing along with him..keke.. Leeteuk solo i think caught the most attention from my twin n frens n me too.with his amazing hidden 'singing talent' n a smile at the end is just enough to make my twin said 'oppa!!!i love you!!'hahahaha..a smile from special angel.hehehe..And jjang!!!!it's Eunhyuk Down!!!this is really amazing n all i can say that he is so sexy!!his dance really capture my heart..woooo...ok enough for solo..

Guess what?Tok tok tok!!!hehehe..trot song by SJ-T feat. Donghae..hehe..they wore bling2 always they love to play on the stage..hehehe..after that is song for you i guess..during that time sungmin come near to our seat but he just go in front of the vip..omo...can see his face cute n his skin look so pure..aigoo..can't let my eye go from him..huhuhu..after that Zhoumi perform his solo..i dont know the i just sreaming his name..hehehe..ok la kan..

It's Shake it up time!! i know Kyuhyun loves this song n always listen to it in the car..that's what Leeteuk said after they released 4jib..i love this song too..but the perform at the main stage which is a bit too far from our i just watch it from the giant screen..but i really like the dance step coz it looks like they didn't dance but they doing aerobic..hahahah..

My favorite song In my dream.i just like wanna cry when i listen to this song coz there is a story of me behind this song..huhu..during this song Kyuhyun come n stand at can see his face really close...aigoo..this boy so cute..handsome..his eye really can kill n my frens going crazy looking at him n screaming even louder n shout his name..we do raise up all kyuhyun's banner that we got from fans project.and he looks like he's reading our banner coz he's looking at us..hehehe..n i can see his eye moving like he's reading n looking at all our block got kyuhyun's banner from mysj..

During Rinaldo which is tribute to Kangin i was crying coz it's so touching..makes me feel sad n miss him like crazy.and how i really wish i can see all 12 of them back together perform on stage.And so many stars are flying in the of the star falling at my i keep it.hehehe..After that they perform Hate U Love x dgr.i start to love this song when they perform this in SS1.n now i got to see it again n it's live.hehehe.thanks suju...After that is Leeteuk's favorite song which is All My Heart..during this i raise up my All my heart banner that i bought from mysj..the feeling is so romantic..and now i know why my twin love this song so much.During Yesung solo It has to be you ,all the fans singing with him..Yesung maybe feel touched when he hold the microphone to fans n just smile listen to us..huhuhu...this is really my favorite song.i love all Yesung's solo song(ost etc..)..his voice is really amazing.

Tai wan mei!!!Perfection!!! Malaysia is so lucky coz we got to see SJ-M perform this live!!! i bet all ELFs going crazy with this song!! so am i..hahaha..know what?Henry did a mistake..but bcoz all of us are really crazy to shout their name n singing along,so nobody see that..hahaha..

This is during A man in love,bonamana, got to see this of my dream.hehe..i don't know what to say coz i really love all suju songs..haha..all are my long as it suju song.,haha..they are in black..oh! God!!!damn handsome..Heechul,Teukie,Shindong did come to our block..uri Heenim space big super star to say this??milky white baby..after all Heechul is my first bias..i'm going crazy looking at him smiling n singing happily..makes me more happy..hehehe..I LOVE U KIM HEECHUL!!!!!!!FOREVER!!!...

A vcr was's cooking?cooking! time!!!! fren suraya zahrim said she saw suju at backstage wearing the costume n they are totally in a mess..langgar each other.hahaha..Kyuhyun so evil n he kick eunhyuk..hahah..kyuhyun is capsicum,yesung is korean cabbage,donghae is bean sprout,sungmin is pumpkin,siwon is carrot,ryeowook is tomato,leeteuk is onion,shindong is broccolli,n eunhyuk is mushroom..but so sad that heechul didnt come out..huhu..want to watch chilli heechul..huhuhu...but it's ok la..

And for the final stage they sing way for love n wonder boy..hehehe..they throw colored balls but i didn't manage to get any of sad..but ok la at least i still can see their face,.it's enough..Kyuhyun sign on the ball before throwing it to the fans while Eunhyuk did kiss the ball before giving it to fans..ayooo...freakin' jealous..At the end of the concert when Suju gaves their Thank you speech the whole stadium screaming "kim heechul' so many times n lastly heechul come out n said 'dont worry,i dont sick,i love malaysia..this is horse(refer to siwon) n this is pumpkin(refer to sungmin)..see you at ss4'..and i just like 'yeay!!!!!!!!!!ss4!!!!i'll go!!!!!' ...hahahaha...hope so..Henry,Zhoumi n Jungmo also gaves their thanks speech to us..hehehe...During his speech Henry said that 70% of his twitter post comes from Malaysia fans...bangga wei!!!and he's so happy..hehehe..we were happy too if you Henry..
Time to say good bye..and Eunhyuk,Donghae,Henry n Yesung are the last to go backstage..they even did good sign..hehehe...

 Thank you Super Junior for giving us such a wonderfull moment..this is the second time i met u guys but i never get bored..i even wish to see you more n more in the future..hope so..really greatfull that none of u injured n no such an incident happen here..i guess Malaysia ELFs are such an little angels that always protect Suju when there are here..i'm so happy when i know all of you feel happy in our country..One more thing u guys are so gorgeous..with ur pure white skin,hot body,super awesome voices,i just fall in love with all that..hahaha..just like last year i feel like crying when the show end coz i can't get enough of you!!!i want to see u everyday!!Please take care of yourself coz ELFs will do anything to protect you guys..please don't sick anymore,please be happy bcoz if you happy then all ELFs around the world wil be happy too..LEETEUK,HEECHUL,YESUNG,SHINDONG,SUNGMIN,EUNHYUK,DONGHAE,SIWON,RYEOWOOK,KYUHYUN,ZHOUMI N HENRY I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!THIS IS MY PROMISE!!!!NO OTHER THAN YOU GUYS!!!

Thank you to all my frens coz share the moments with me..Nafishah,Farhah,Ainimsuju,Safiah,Atikah,Fathiah,Fasihah,Munie,Suniey,Yuhee unnie,Shonatez,Nelly,Aliana n others whom i didnt remember their name(so sorry).u gurls rock!!!
And to Triz,Mariam,Wanie,Jafiqa,Suraya,Syafinaz,Nadia,Atiq n others this time i didnt get to meet u gurls but hope for the next super show we will enjoy the show together!!(i saw Suraya but need to hurry n didn't manage to say hi..)hehehe...but Sue u are so cute..hehehe... SORRY  if there any lacking..hehehe...

with ELFs after concert..taken from Hot magazine..hahaha..curi gmbr

Credits: Ainimsuju 

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