Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Treasure

Post kali ni namanye sesi show off..hehehe..
coz i like to share all my SJ collection with my frens..
ari ni album Mr.Simple Japan version n SJM Perfection Japan version smpai umah..
n b4 this i also bought Super Show CD,DVD n another 1 Mr.Simple Ver A which is Sungmin's cover.
so just nk share some pics..dgn smpainye smua album2 ni maka lengkap la sesetengah koleksi..hehehe

1) Super Junior 5Jib - Mr.Simple set

Mr.Simple Japan ver with Shindong's photo card

my Mr.Simple set.hehehe.. ver A(Heechul,Sungmin n Eunhyuk),B,C n Japan ver..

2) Super Junior-M Perfection Set

SJM Perfection Japan Ver with Eunhyuk's photo card n a letter to write(gift inside album)

my SJM Perfection set..ver A,Repackaged n Japan ver.. :)

3) Super Junior Super Show 3-The Third Asia Tour Set

Super Show 3 CD

Super Show 3 DVD

Super Show 3 Set.. ;)

with all these album i think im successfully buying all their new album except for SJ under SMTOWN label album..coz my focus only for SJ.hehehe..

SUPER JUNIOR is one of my Happiness..many people said it was a waste of money but i always have this kind of thinking "as long as i use my own money n i still can survive n got everything i there's really nothing to worry about"..about what will i do with all these collection in the future????well..just wait,look n see..hehehe

BYE..enjoy the pics..

*i owned all these photos

A Happy New Year n A Great Start for All of Us (SJ+ELF)

Hi back..just a random post..
today is not really exciting at my workplace bocz of some people who's really selfish..
but i when im back home there are 2 really good news waiting for me..
  1) my Mr.Simple Japan Version n SJM Perfection Japan Version reached me..
  2) Super Junior won 4 award at GDA today..

OMG i just can say..YEAY!!!!!n my eyes got teary coz i've proof myself that it's worth every ringgit that i've spend for Mr.Simple from ver A to ver B n ver C..

N last week my twin told me that SJ sub-unit SJ-M create their own record by beating SJ in album sales ranking in Taiwan.SJM placed 1st in record sales for Kpop artist with Perfection n Mr.Simple placed 2nd..the most important thing is SJ domination..hehehe..

Today SJ won Daesang Award,Bonsang Award,MSN International Award n Popularity Award..4 golden award..what else can i say..SJ boys are really happy n so ELF worldwide ...

Congratulation to Super Junior n ELF...becoz of SJ loves towards ELF,we never failed to give them the best that we can..i can say every single day at least one of them will mention about us(ELF)..

Just like how Super Junior really proud with we are..

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

LET U KNOW...'s been a long time since my last upd8
 hmm..*thinking hard*
what should i write????

oouhh...there's really nothing i can share..
ok la..lemme me tell u a big secret..
my boyfriends..i mean special..really special...^_^

i love him for the way he is...the real 'Alien'..unique..
but he's so gorgeous..n..'beautiful'..hahaha
THE LOVE OF MY DREAM N THE ONLY LOVE THAT I WANT... can i describe this??totally handsome @_@

he's so crazy.. 

but i found his lovely side..

unfortunately he doesn't really know how to show his feeling :(

my baby Hee it's ok if sometimes u shows ur true feeling..

bcoz no matter what happen i will always love you..