Wednesday, 4 January 2012

LET U KNOW...'s been a long time since my last upd8
 hmm..*thinking hard*
what should i write????

oouhh...there's really nothing i can share..
ok la..lemme me tell u a big secret..
my boyfriends..i mean special..really special...^_^

i love him for the way he is...the real 'Alien'..unique..
but he's so gorgeous..n..'beautiful'..hahaha
THE LOVE OF MY DREAM N THE ONLY LOVE THAT I WANT... can i describe this??totally handsome @_@

he's so crazy.. 

but i found his lovely side..

unfortunately he doesn't really know how to show his feeling :(

my baby Hee it's ok if sometimes u shows ur true feeling..

bcoz no matter what happen i will always love you..



  1. miss him >< !!
    waiting for him :D

  2. rindu nye kat heenim.... ~! ^ ^

  3. i really miss him so much..his last tweet really made my day..huhu...happiest moment before ending of 2011..(poyo tol ayat)