Wednesday, 20 July 2011

KPOP my collection

Hi smua..dh lama x post ape2..xde citer nk share..hehehe...dh bsarang pn..hahahaha
Ari ni nk share something about my collection..kali ni Kpop posters...
Posters ni dpt bila beli magazine like epop(never missed) n klik..
But i decide to give all the posters to anyone yg interested ngn posters ni..
So sape2 yg nk posters ni blh la bgtau..n bgtau nombor poster ek..

these are the big posters...

and these are the mini posters...

lps bincang ngn my twin,we decide nk bg smua poster ni pd sapa2 yg bminat..
sape yg nk blh bgtau nama n no. poster..
n sape2 yg free blh amik poster ni kt Times Square 31hb Julai coz me akn ade kt c2 utk lepak2 ngn my kpop frens...

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